This “Sight Line” is provided as a supplement to Chapter 15 of 20/20 Mind Sight, “Easy To Make A Buck” – Leave Your Mark. For maximum benefit, please read the chapter prior to completing the exercise.


20/20 Sight Line: Questions to Ask Yourself

There is no single way to ensure that we make a difference. Much of it depends on our unique circumstances. Nonetheless here’s a list of questions which, if answered truthfully, can help guide you to a purposeful life with long-lasting impact and influences.

The great Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in major league baseball and positively affected millions of people around the world said, “‘A life is not important except the impact it has on other lives.'”

As you consider the questions listed above think about Robinson’s words and, going back to Tom Brokaw’s quote, ask yourself at the end of every day whether you just made a buck or did you truly make a difference.