This “Sight Line” is provided as a supplement to Chapter 16 of 20/20 Mind Sight, “Someone Who Can’t Repay You” – Join Hands. For maximum benefit, please read the chapter prior to completing the exercise.

Download Chapter 16 Sight Line Worksheet

20/20 Sight Line: “The Collaborative Way”

Most people believe – or assume – they are good collaborators. There is no quantitative way to measure collaborative effectiveness; but Lloyd Fickett & Associates, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations improve employee leadership and collaboration, offers a self-assessment survey that is the best tool we’ve come across. We urge you to complete the survey. After completing the survey, focus on the three items where you score the lowest and where improvement would provide the greatest benefit to you and your company.

2020 Mind Sight Chapter 16 Sight Line

This is the first of several worksheets that comprise The Collaborative Way Survey. To access the complete set, please download the Sight Line worksheet below.

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Download Chapter 16 Sight Line Worksheet