When people ask what 20/20 Mind Sight is about, I usually say it’s a tool to jump-start personal reflection and increase self-knowledge. They often respond with blank stares and tight smiles. I think it’s partly because my description is vague and pretentious-sounding – but the main reason is that it’s hard to visualize amorphous concepts like “personal reflection” and “self-knowledge.”

So I created this simple visual that gets to the core of the 20/20 mindset. The three intersecting circles represent personal reflection – thinking about who you are, who you’d like to be, and what others see in you. The small intersection – “The real you” – represents self-knowledge.

At its most basic, this is what 20/20 Mind Sight is about: considering the three perspectives of “You” and better understanding the real You.

Published by Phil Fragasso

20/20 Mind Sight is now available for purchase. Multi copy discounts are also available here.




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