The Reader Map

Our goal is to connect and engage with readers in all 50 US states. Here is the current map of 20/20 Mind Sight readers. If you know someone in one of the yellow areas on the map, click to share this book & website with them! Thank you for being a part of helping us reach this goal.

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We also have readers in a dozen countries!

20/20 Mind Sight is an Ideal Book for:

  • Those who are midway through their careers and have that feeling inside beginning to bubble to the surface; it’s time to make some changes — but where and how to begin?
  • Recent college graduates and young professionals who are trying to identify what it is that drives them and how to pursue those dreams, especially when they may not coincide with external pressures from parents, teachers, or other mentors.
  • Thoughtful people who know something is missing in their lives but who aren’t sure how to gain that knowledge/perspective.

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