This “Sight Line” is provided as a supplement to Chapter 7 of 20/20 Mind Sight, “After You Know It All” – Put Intelligence In Its Place. For maximum benefit, please read the chapter prior to completing the exercise.

20/20 Sight Line: Emotional Intelligence

We mentioned Daniel Goleman’s concept of emotional intelligence only in passing earlier in this chapter because several best-selling books and dozens of articles have been written about it. We view emotional intelligence as the intersection of emotions and thoughts and, as such, consider it critically important to building a 20/20 mindset.

Similar to measuring honesty, however, it’s difficult to gauge one’s EQ solely on the basis of a questionnaire. There are some consultants and personal coaches who will conduct in-depth EQ analyses, but they are very expensive and beyond the means of most individuals. We have, however, discovered an online survey that you can access here:

Please note that this survey provides a free “Snapshot Report” while offering the option to purchase a more complete report.


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