This “Sight Line” is provided as a supplement to Chapter 4 of 20/20 Mind Sight, “Mountaintops and Valleys” – Embrace Your Weaknesses. For maximum benefit, please read the chapter prior to completing the exercise.

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20/20 Sight Line: Identify Your “Yes-Buts”

All of us have individual quirks and idiosyncrasies. There are some things we’re good at and other things we’re not so good at. The latter are the facets of our being that populate the “yes, but” statements that colleagues, friends, and family make (or silently think) about us. For example:

  •  “Yes, John is extremely talented, but he’s late with every project.”
  • “Yes, Susan has great rapport with clients, but she treats her internal support team like indentured servants.”
  • “Yes, Eric is really great with numbers, but he refuses to help out with anything unless there’s something in it for him.”

Rather than accepting your yes-buts as necessary evils, tackle them with commitment and urgency.

Instructions: Take each of these “but” statements and, in twenty-five words or less, write a game plan to address and correct them.

Yes buts of your own character.






Turning a weakness into a strength is infinitely more satisfying than bulking up an existing strength.
Turning a yes-but into a yes-and is nirvana.
Download Chapter 4 Sight Line Worksheet

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