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Much more than a book, it is designed as the starting point in a lifelong journey. The book features more than 25 exercises to help readers explore their core values and aspirations, develop a meaningful personal brand, and avoid the life of “quiet desperation” that Henry David Thoreau described 160 years ago and is still prevalent today. The exercises include:

  • The Johari Window: a snapshot of how you view yourself vs. how others view you.
  • Jungian Typology: a detailed summary of your communication and behavioral styles.
  • Implicit Association Test: an eye-opening look at the biases we hold deep inside.
  • Satisfaction with Life Scale: a broad-brush yardstick re life fulfillment and personal satisfaction.
  • The Grit Survey: a measure of one’s resilience and commitment.
  • Locus of Control: a determination of whether you believe you control your destiny vs. some outside influence(s).

Very few people give a moment’s thought to what they believe, how they’re perceived, and what they want to achieve. It’s easy to blame the educational system and its focus on the rote memorization of facts and figures. It’s easy to blame the business world for training employees to play nice in the corporate sandbox. And it’s equally easy to point a finger at parents who preached, “You can be whatever you want to be,” but never gave their children the tools to figure out exactly what that might be.

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"What I love about 20/20 Mind Sight is that Jillian & Phil have put out a book that's built to deliver results. In a world with far too many fluffy feel good "you can do it" books, there's a lot of tools and techniques here that you can bring to bear on your success."
- Chris Brogan
CEO, Owner Media Group Inc.
"Building a 20-20 mindset is all about redefining success and learning how to get where you want by being who you are, and this book offers the perfect way to start that journey."
- Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO, Hill Holiday
"20/20 Mind Sight gives the reader a powerful springboard to success. By reflecting upon his or her own unique life experience using the many practical and actionable tools and techniques, 20/20 delivers increased personal and professional success. Don't just buy this book. Start using it right away and witness the results."
- Andy Boynton, Dean of the Carroll School
of Management, Boston College
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