"What I love about 20/20 Mind Sight is that Jillian & Phil have put out a book that's built to deliver results. In a world with far too many fluffy feel good "you can do it" books, there's a lot of tools and techniques here that you can bring to bear on your success."
- Chris Brogan
CEO, Owner Media Group Inc.
"Building a 20-20 mindset is all about redefining success and learning how to get where you want by being who you are, and this book offers the perfect way to start that journey."
- Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO, Hill Holiday
"20/20 Mind Sight gives the reader a powerful springboard to success. By reflecting upon his or her own unique life experience using the many practical and actionable tools and techniques, 20/20 delivers increased personal and professional success. Don't just buy this book. Start using it right away and witness the results."
- Andy Boynton, Dean of the Carroll School
of Management, Boston College
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Most people live a life planned by others.

That’s why Thoreau’s observation that, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” is even more true today than it was back in the 19th century when he wrote those words.

Our society is focused on teaching facts and figures (rote regurgitation) rather than nurturing true knowledge (insight and connecting the dots). Students graduate from college being able to write a more complete character description of George Washington than they can about themselves.

There’s an old adage that you can’t truly love until you learn to love yourself It’s equally true that you can’t understand others and the world around you unless you know and understand yourself.

20/20 Mind Sight provides a kick-start – as well as a kick in the ass – to a life of personal reflection and deep self-knowledge.

The Catalyst Behind 20/20 Mind Sight

The book grew out of our experiences as corporate executives, consultants, life and leadership coaches, and educators.

20/20 Mind Sight combines real-life examples (both contemporary and historical), anecdotes, worksheets, questionnaires, tools and a fluid commentary designed to help identify and create a distinctive mindset that can lead to new levels of personal satisfaction and success. That mindset has been bowdlerized and watered down in literally hundreds of books promoting quick-fix paths to leadership, wealth, power, love, influence, career success, and powerful personal brands. The problem is that most of the “tips” are focused on doing rather thanthinking. Indeed, in many cases, what’s delivered is a crass and manipulative message that fails to inspire breakthrough insights or affect the reader’s life in any meaningful way.

And that’s the key differentiator of our 20/20 Mind Sight. It’s not just a how-to book but also a who-what-and-why book designed to eliminate the oftentimes huge disconnect between who we think we are and who we really are. In the vast majority of cases, our personal beliefs and characteristics have not been fully tested or vetted. We accept superficial affirmations that we’re good people, attractive, kind and intelligent. We fall victim to unacknowledged biases. And we define ourselves as the outside world – friends, colleagues, managers, subordinates, customers, and loved ones – perceives us to be.

The why is simple. Far too much time and energy are focused on job titles, career ladders, and the holy grail of capitalism: a big paycheck that’s the envy of family, friends, and foes. Conversely, far too little time is spent thinking about what’s truly important to the individual. More specifically and more importantly, almost no time is spent considering what is of critical importance to the innermost character and passion of the individual.


The 20/20 Mind Sight Difference

Our content is fresh and unique.

Our book is secular in nature and appeals equally to atheists and the most devotedly religious.

Our careers have been focused on translating complex subjects into easy-to-understand language. That’s what we do with the often highbrow theories of Maslow, Jung, etc.

We include a wide variety of self-scoring surveys, questionnaires and worksheets to help you identify key traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Stay Updated & Get New Resources from 20/20 Mind Sight

From Theory to Practice

In addition to a compelling narrative, the book introduces a wide range of tools, surveys and questionnaires to help the reader gauge his or her mastery of the issue. In some cases an in-text questionnaire will be included, and in others the reader will be referred to a web link (usually hosted by an educational entity or a non-profit organization).

Tools Including:

Johari Window

Nohari Window

Jungian Typology

Implicit Association Test

Satisfaction with Life Scale

The Grit Survey

Locus of Control

The Collaborative Way

About The Authors

Phil Fragasso Author

Phil Fragasso

Novelist & nonfiction author

After 25 years as a marketing executive, Phil left the corporate world to pursue endeavors that were more fulfilling personally and more contributory to society. His focus today is on writing and teaching. Phil writes regularly for theHuffington Post and has authored a wide variety of books including:

  • Going Both Ways, Wild Rose Press, 2016
  • Still Counting, Wild Rose Press, 2016
  • Walden 3.0, Erewhon Press, 2011
  • Your Nest Egg Game Plan, Career Press, 2009
  • Marketing for Rainmakers, Wiley, 2008
  • Good News/Bad News, Addison-Wesley, 1980

Phil is an adjunct professor at Boston College where he teaches at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Many of the foundational concepts for20/20 Mind Sight derived from Phil’s teaching experience and his realization that most people know very little about their core values, beliefs, and aspirations.

Connect with PhilConnect with Phil
Jillian Vorce Author

Jillian Vorce

CEO of The Jillian Group, Inc.

For over a decade, Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain their business goals. An expert at networking and relationship development, she has the ability to open doors and create opportunities. Jillian’s trustworthiness and highly positive energy has inspired senior-level executives and business owners across the nation. In 2003 she founded The Jillian Group, Inc., where she and her team provide idea generation, digital marketing & strategic relationship development services for a number of charities and corporations. Her previous work includes: TEDx Talk “The Lens of Connectivity” and “9 Steps to Increase Your Professional Network” ebook.

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Every Journey Starts Somewhere

While not designed specifically to help you climb the corporate ladder or generate wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, the process of building20/20 Mind Sight will unquestionably lead to new heights and distant places.

Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, observed that, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Campbell understood that life is both a process of continual discovery and an ever-changing destination.

20/20 Mind Sight helps you begin the journey.

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